Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Next Make-That-A-Take Show in Perth

It's been a while since I've put on a show in Perth. The last one was on August 1st 2010 and was a night that I'd rather forget. All of the bands were rad, as far as I can remember, but I'll remember it more for the bad craic that went down afterwards. That happenstance doesn't need futher exploration at this juncture, but it was something that continues to play on my mind and reminds of a place that I don't want to be. In one way, it was a catalyst for introspection and reinvention. Sometimes you've got to lie in the gutter before you can look up to the stars.

My relationship with punk/hardcore has changed somewhat since the demise of Joey Terrifying. When we were a full-blown active concern, almost every spare waking moment of my time was spent trying to get things sorted for the band; booking shows, doing promotions, contacting promoters, doing interviews, writing songs, sorting out (or farming out) artwork tasks, checking schedules, keeping diaries; it seemed never-ending. Since we played our last shows in June of last year, I've been keeping myself occupied with infrequent Tragical History Tour endeavours, living with my missus, doing my best to acquire and retain employment, as well as the daily fight to stay sane and not lose the plot completely. Obviously, there was also Book Yer Ane Fest IV, which was a roaring success where we made over £600 for Safe-Tay. However, while my passion for DIY punk/hxc remains undimmed, my motivation for getting involved and putting on shows has suffered. Perhaps this was a defence mechanism; I put so much of myself into Joey T that perhaps I was trying to protect myself from further heartache, or perhaps I was just waiting for the correct moment to re-introduce myself.

Whatever the case may be, Make-That-A-Take has an absolute rager of a show booked for Saturday 26th February at Mucky Mulligans, Perth. Now, I'm acutely aware there exists a degree of unrest and dissatisfaction in the Perth 'scene'; there are plenty of people who are happy to moan about the state of things, to reminisce that things aren't like the old days, and that there is no scene at all of which to speak. To those people I say this; get off your fucking arse and off your high-horse (or facebook) and get the fuck involved. The people are still here, the bands are still here and there will always be those whose hearts belong to punk rock.

Sometimes I question why I even bother but I always come back to the same conclusion; that if I don't put on punk shows, no fucker else is going to, so if I want to see awesome punk/hardcore bands play in my town, it logically follows that I'm the one that has to put on the shows. I have no beef with that whatsoever, it's something I love and something that I've been doing for many years (and something I'll no doubt continue to do for many years to come).

It's a labour of love.

Whatever the apathetic think is inconsequential.

Make-That-A-Take proudly presents...

Quite possibly the greatest Scottish hardcore/screamo band of all time return.

Twiddly indie/skramz madness from Aberdeen.

Hardcore/emo 'supergroup' from Dundee featuring members of Archives/The Fall Of Boss Koala
Balls-to-the-wall modern melodic hardcore from Dundee/Perth

Skramz/gruff punk goodness from the best new band in Perth

DOORS @ 7.30pm
£3 TAX.


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